Meet Chris

Chris is a former Principal and experienced leader. Chris was a teacher, consultant, and principal for over 30 years within the Toronto school board. As someone who has worked their way up the ladder within the board and has also observed the board from the community perspective, Chris knows when the wool is being pulled over his eyes and the best channels to accomplish what needs to be done.
Chris is a strong voice for parents, students, staff, and community at the Toronto District School Board. Chris has introduced/supported many motions and initiatives at the board table to ensure that parents are included in the selection of school principals, to promote student engagement, and to protect the programs and services that are important to the community.
Chris believes in consultative, inclusive, and equitable decision making. Chris has built one of the largest Ward Councils in the TDSB by working together with parents and community members. He has continuously supported the student SuperCouncil and Student Trustees, and has worked continuously to bring the minority voice to the board through initiatives such as the Ethnocultural Community Network.
Chris is determined, passionate, and committed. Chris has proven he is not a career politician — his passion rests within education and the school board. He has attended every board meeting either in person, or by phone if he absolutely cannot make it, and he has tried to be involved in every committee of the board regardless of whether he has voting status on the committee or not. His record displays his determination, passion, and commitment.
Since December 2003 to 2014 when he left the TDSB, Chris has been pleased to be the trustee for Ward 10, Trinity-Spadina for the public school board representing the most multicultural ward of the most multicultural city in the world. He has also served as Chair of the Board of Trustees from December 2010 to 2014. Chris is looking forward to continue serving Toronto’s parents and communities.
Committees & Agencies

  • Board of Trustees, Chair
  • Planning & Priorities Committee, Vice-Chair
  • Ad Hoc Community Consultation Group, Member
  • Alternative Schools Community Advisory Committee, Co-Chair
  • Audit Committee, Member
  • Conduct and Ethics Review Committee, Member
  • Community Use of Schools Advisory Committee, Member
  • Equity Policy Advisory Committee, Member
  • Focus on Youth Steering Committee, Chair
  • Student Nutrition Community Advisory Committee, Member
  • Canadian National Exhibition Association, Director
  • Scadding Court Community Centre, Director
  • Toronto Western Hospital Community Advisory Committee, Chair

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