Chris on the Issues

Empowering Parents

  • Chris will continue to support and facilitate one of the largest and most successful parent-led ward council’s in the TDSB.
  • Chris will prevent centralized school and program closures and ensure decision-making remains local and community-led.
  • Chris will initiate more parent conferences and events to support and encourage networking and sharing of best-practices.

Engaging Students

  • Chris will expand the Focus on Youth Program to hire more students and give them the skills they need to be successful citizens.
  • Chris will continue to support and improve student leadership through the establishment of student councils, through student-parent-staff tri-partnerships, and through student conferences.

Enhancing Programs and Services

  • Chris will promote and enhance our international languages and adult education programs.
  • Chris will champion innovative concepts that support seamless year-round programming.
  • Chris will focus on building full-service schools and ensuring they remain at the centre of our communities.