Chris has been honoured to serve as the Trustee for Ward 10, Trinity Spadina since 2003. He is currently the Chair of the Board of Trustees. Chris continues his commitment to transforming our schools into community hubs; promoting lifelong learning; and engaging parents, students, and community members.

Where Chris Stands on the Issues:
Chris believes that the opportunity to learn how to swim is essential and that the pools in our schools belong to the community. Chris has consistently voted in favour of keeping all of the pools open in the TDSB.
International Languages
Chris believes that International Languages are an integral part of the school day and have an important place in a multicultural society. Chris believes that only by knowing oneself does one know one’s place in society, as it’s proven that those who know more than one language perform better scholastically.
School Closures
Chris is against school closures and supports community hubs, which are the integration of programs and services delivered by collaboration of community agencies.

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